Even More Bookish Podcasts You Should Definitely Listen To

We were truly overwhelmed by the number of incredible bookish podcasts you all recommended to us in the comments of our bookish podcasts post and on social media. So much so that we knew we had to do a part two. Check out the amazing podcasts below, and make sure to subscribe!

#1 – The Book Riot Podcast

The Book Riot Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what’s new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot.

#2 – Let’s Get LITerary

Each month you’ll find a new episode on a book the hosts have chosen for many of the cultural heritage months. On occasion, they choose a special and meaningful book to them to discuss.

#3 – The Currently Reading Podcast

Currently Reading is a podcast dedicated to the love of books and reading. Two bookish friends discuss what’s on their nightstands and in their earbuds, in addition to books they’ve loved forever, and provide tons of recommendations every week.

#4 – Strong Sense of Place

One lifetime is too short to visit everywhere and meet everyone. Books with a strong sense of place let us travel the world in our imagination. In each episode of the podcast, the hosts explore one destination and talk about what makes that place different from everywhere else on earth. Then they recommend five books that took us to that place on the page.

#5 – Another Book on the Shelf Podcast

Join friends Gen and Jette for their book club podcast!

#6 – Book Talk, Etc.

A conversational podcast about books and more from two Midwest mood readers who are easily distracted by new releases.

#7 – Bookstore Explorer

Join author and book nerd Matt Browning as he goes behind the shelves with booksellers from across the country to learn what makes indie bookshops so magical.

#8 – Deadline City

Welcome to Deadline City, a podcast and a destination. Two New York City-based authors who share an office and work on multiple books at a time talk about the one thing that is always on their minds: creating books.

#9 – The Narrated Podcast

A podcast about audiobooks including book reviews, drafts, and discussions plus interviews with authors, narrators and audiobook producers.

#10 – Thank You For Asking

Thank You For Asking is hosted by content creator Amber Burns. Think of this podcast as your weekly check-in with your Internet BFF that leaves you feeling brighter, lighter, and smarter each week.

#11 – Books in the Freezer

Books in the Freezer is dedicated to the deliciously disturbing world of horror fiction. Topical, bi-weekly episodes will cover those scary books that you might want to put in the freezer.

#12 – The Brit Lit Blog

A show of news and views from the world of British books and publishing.

#13 – What You Should Read

Friends Julia, Kelly, and Rachael discuss the newest books, trends and their never-ending TBR stacks. There are laughs, great recommendations, and possibly (definitely) some spoilers.

#14 – Books & Boba

Books & Boba is a book club dedicated to books written by Asian and Asian American authors. They cover a wide range of genres including contemporary, historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, nonfiction, thrillers, graphic novels, and memoirs.

#15 – Unabridged

Unabridged is a bookish podcast hosted by three teachers. Every week they release episodes, including a monthly Book Club episode and extra Teaching Tidbits episodes every other week. 

#16 – First Draft with Sarah Enni

In July 2014, Sarah Enni set out on a cross-country road trip and visited authors she admired along the way. Sarah cut those interviews into podcast episodes. After she settled in Los Angeles in 2015, the podcast continued and now includes conversations with novelists, memoirists, nonfiction writers, screenwriters, songwriters, directors, actors, illustrators, and more.

#17 – Bookmarked: A YA Book Podcast

Tune in for monthly discussions about the YA reading life. Stay up to date on the latest in popular young adult books and authors.

#18 – Between The Covers: Conversations with Writers in Fiction, Nonfiction & Poetry

Author interviews with today’s best writers — established & up-and-coming — in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Hosted by David Naimon & Tin House in Portland, Oregon.

#19 – Try Reading with Gabriel Torres

Join reader and writer Gabriel Torres every other Friday as he sits down with people ranging from authors to fellow readers, bookstore owners, booktokers and bookstagrammers to find out how these people grew to love books so much.

#20 – Minorities in Publishing

A bimonthly podcast from publishing professionals Bev Rivero & Jenn Baker, and other industry insiders, on diversity (or lack thereof) in the industry.

#21 – Black Chick Lit

Black Chick Lit is a twice-monthly podcast that talks books by and for black women. Join Dani and Mollie as they talk prose, drink wine and laugh at their own jokes.

#22 – She Well Read

She Well Read is a group for women who are dedicated to becoming the most well-read versions of themselves. Their mission is to empower women to invest in themselves and each other.

#23 – Marlon & Jake Read Dead People

This podcast is hosted by the Man Booker Prize-winning and internationally bestselling author Marlon James and his editor, Jake Morrissey, Executive Editor at Riverhead Books. In each episode, Marlon and Jake talk about authors—specifically dead authors. Authors they like. Authors they hate. Great books, terrible books, and books they love that you’d never expect them to. Sometimes they’ll agree, sometimes they won’t, but in every episode, they’ll tell you what they think— uncensored and with no holds barred. (That’s why the authors have to be dead.)

#24 – Desi Books

News and views about desi books from the world over with host Jenny Bhatt. In addition to a roundup of new and notable books, writers read from or discuss their own books and their desi favorites, chat about craft and the lit biz, and more.

#25 – Novel Pairings

A podcast dedicated to making the classics readable, relevant, and fun. In each episode, the hosts discuss one classic book and share some recommendations for more contemporary reads that feature similar themes.

#26 – Reading Glasses

Join hosts Brea Grant and Mallory O’Meara every week as they discuss tips and tricks for reading better in this podcast designed to help you get more out of your literary experiences.

#27 – Sarah’s Bookshelves Live

Sarah’s Bookshelves Live is a weekly show featuring real talk about books and book recommendations from a featured guest.

#28 – Long Story Short

Skye and Amanda, two Black millennial besties from New York, remind you that reading is fly. Each week they bring their decade-plus friendship, personal experiences, and love for books to the mics for relatable, engaging, and vulnerable girl-talk.

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5 thoughts on “Even More Bookish Podcasts You Should Definitely Listen To

  1. I love the TBR Lowdown podcast. They read a wide array of books and they are quite funny as well. Really love their chemistry. I get so many book recommendations from them.

  2. I love What Should I Read Next for Anne Bogel’s “literary matchmaking.” I have found my way to the perfect books time and time again after listening to this podcast.

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