Latinx-Owned Bookstores to Support

This directory is regularly updated to reflect new stores. Last update: 10/26/21.

In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month and in order to promote and support Latinx-owned bookstores, we’ve put together a directory of Latinx-owned bookstores based in the US, Puerto Rico, and online. Check each listing for the store’s website, as well as how to follow them on social media. Partner Stores

Stores listed with Storefronts below are partner stores*, meaning that when you purchase audiobooks from their Storefront, it directly supports their bookstore.

*Bookstores: Want to become a partner store? Email, and we’ll take care of the rest.

United States


Barrio Books  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Tucson, AZ

Palabras Bilingual Bookstore  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Phoenix, AZ


Chukaruka  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Fontana, CA Storefront

LA Librería  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Los Angeles, CA

LibroMobile  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Santa Ana, CA Storefront

Other Books  Instagram logo
Los Angeles, CA


Altamira Libros  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Miami, FL

Third House Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Gainesville, FL Storefront


Libélula Books  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Waterloo, IA Storefront



Red Stick Reads  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Baton Rouge, LA Storefront

New Mexico

Casa Camino Real  Facebook logo
Las Cruces, NM

New York

Bronx Bound Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Bronx, NY Storefront

Cafe con Libros  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Brooklyn, NY Storefront

¡Chau Luna!  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Brooklyn, NY Storefront

The Drama Book Shop  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
New York, NY

Kew & Willow Books  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Kew Gardens, NY Storefront

La Vie Est Belle Librairie  Instagram logo
Larchmont, NY

The Lit. Bar  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Bronx, NY Storefront

Mil Mundos Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Brooklyn, NY

North Carolina


Red Salmon Arts  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Austin, TX


La Revo Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Milwaukee, WI

Various Locations

Duende District  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Washington, DC; Albuquerque, NM

Puerto Rico

The Bookmark  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Guaynabo, PR

El Candil  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Ponce, PR

Casa Norberto  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
San Juan, PR

La Casita Books  Facebook logo
Aguadilla, PR

Tazas y Portadas  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Hormigueros, PR

Online + Pop Up

Booklandia  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Oakland, CA Storefront

Cinco Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Miami, FL

Golden Lab Bookshop  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Side B in Queens, NY

Libros 787  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Puerto Rico

Mija Books  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Culver City, CA

Stacks Book Club  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Tucson, AZ

Xolo Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Arlington, VA Storefront

Graphic that reads "Latinx-owned bookstores" and lists out all the physical bookstores mentioned in this blog post and their city and state.
Graphic that reads "Latinx-owned bookstores" and lists out all the Puerto Rico and Online + Pop-up bookstores mentioned in this blog post.

Looking for more?

An image that reads "Audiobooks by Latinx authors: Take the Quiz" which links to a quiz on the blog
an image that reads "Audiobooks by Latinx authors" with several audiobook covers, which links to a catalog of Latinx-authored audiobooks.

See any Latinx-owned bookstores we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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