March’s Bookseller-Recommended Audiobooks offers recommendations from real people: the dedicated indie booksellers working in our 1,300+ partner bookstores! To celebrate Women’s History Month, this month’s picks are all written by women.

Below, find the audiobooks that booksellers are loving this month!


Infinite Country

By Patricia Engel

“Patricia Engel’s new book is a true gem, a family story in which each voice is equally interesting and dynamic as well as a great examination on the brutish nature of the U.S. government and citizens toward people traveling stateside to start a new life. Your heart breaks and mends and breaks all over again for this family….Engel works magic.”

James, Malaprop’s Bookstore

A Thousand Ships

By Natalie Haynes

“From The Aeneid to The Iliad and The Odyssey, classic stories of the Trojan War are implicitly reliant on the role of women, however reticent they are portrayed. Finally—finally!—we have a retelling that does women, girls, and goddesses justice. Through the perspective of women in various places and times during the war, Natalie Haynes constructs an epic collage that follows the warriors, refugees, oracles, muses, wives, and daughters of Troy, Greece, and beyond in one of the most famous conflicts in world history.”

Cat, Oxford Exchange

Caul Baby

By Morgan Jerkins

“Mothers and daughters and their fraught relationships are the heart of this novel. Secrets, loss, tragedy, and tradition inextricably bind and trap seven women in ways completely unknown to some and only partially known by others. In modern-day Harlem, as gentrification threatens and changes the landscape, life inside one brownstone continues remarkably unchanged and mostly hidden. Using magical realism and fascinating characters, Jerkins creates an often shadowy world. She masterfully highlights the effects of gentrification, racism and inequality, and abuse, while weaving a mesmerizing story of these mothers and daughters.”

Nancy, Raven Book Store

Do No Harm

By Christina McDonald

“A different kind of thriller that I loved! Original and dark, this book explores the opioid crisis in America and how far a woman will go to save her family.”

Tara, Old Firehouse Books

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How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House

By Cherie Jones

This novel of poverty and survival, beautifully narrated, drew me in and often left me horrified at the actions and abuses of its characters. The suspense ebbs and flows but is ever-present, leading to a very effective open-ended conclusion.”

Nancy, Raven Book Store

Honey Girl

By Morgan Rogers

“Millennial angst, mythical monsters, parental expectations, chosen family, and astronomy. A story sweet like honey and messy like real life.”

Elon, Apotheosis Comics

Historical Fiction


By Carol Edgarian

“Experience the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 like never before — from inside the family of one of the most famous brothel madams. In this story, Edgarian combines lyrical writing and a cast of unforgettable characters, both real and imagined, with themes of love, rejection, graft, and economic disparity, all sprinkled with racism and misogyny. You won’t be able to visit the City by the Bay ever again without looking for Rose and her descendants. I couldn’t put this down.”

Gayle, Changing Hands

The Four Winds

By Kristin Hannah

“A brilliantly woven narrative set during the Dust Bowl years on the High Plains of Texas, The Four Winds is a story of survival that inspires us to persist. Hannah extensively researched the devastation of this climatic and agricultural phenomenon and its toll on communities, which seamlessly informs the deftly woven narrative of the life of Elsa, a woman who finds that she has more tenacity and resourcefulness than she had been raised to believe — and then some.”

Claudia, The Twig Book Shop

The Yellow Wife

By Sadeqa Johnson

The Yellow Wife was a fantastically written historical fiction novel. We follow Pheby Dolores Brown, a young woman who grew up on a plantation the daughter of the healer woman and the master. I love that Johnson’s inspiration for the book came from a real woman, Mary Lumpkin….Johnson weaves a fantastic tale that pulls at heartstrings and has you questioning white history and race. Beautifully narrated by the indomitable Robin Miles, this was a highly engrossing listen that I highly recommend to historical fiction fans.”

Kimi, Buttonwood Books and Toys

Band of Sisters

By Lauren Willig

“I am so glad I decided to take a break from psychological thrillers and listen to this absolutely amazing work of historical fiction which was based on a true story…. I laughed out loud one moment and cried the next. It is an amazing story of women who are as much heroes as the men who went to war, a beautiful tale of friendship, and an intriguing look at wartime that I had never seen before. Made even more intriguing by the fact that many of the characters and events that happened were based on true stories found in journals and letters from Smith alumni. I loved the narrator and the way each chapter began with the voice of a different character reading a letter they had written home.”

Nancy, Fiction Addiction


Act Your Age, Eve Brown

By Talia Hibbert

“Dear me, I think Eve’s might just be my favorite story of the Brown Sisters series! This book is absolute bliss—hilarity, charm, and burning hot sex in a delightfully diverse package. At first I thought Jacob’s autistic quirks were a bit on the nose, but as I got to know him better, the nuance of the character really blossomed. Reading about Eve’s milder autism made me realize that I might be autistic, too. Talia Hibbert’s #OwnVoices, smutty, full-hearted brilliance strikes again! I can’t recommend this one enough.”

Mary, Raven Book Store

How to Fail at Flirting

By Denise Williams

“A sweet romance about a professor who decides to take a chance when she finds herself out at a bar by herself seated next to an attractive man in town on business. Naya never would have imagined that their one-night stand would turn into a week-long fling with the potential for even more. And because of her toxic past relationships, she is hesitant to trust Jake. I loved reading about a professor as a romance leading lady!”

Kate, Bookmarks

Written in the Stars

By Alexandria Bellefleur

“This fake-dating, opposites-attract romance is simply perfect. A social media astrologer is set up with her new business partner’s actuary sister. While the date goes terribly, how helpful it would be for both of them to have a date for certain upcoming events. The two leads are wonderful, flawed women with their own baggage and hang-ups (hello, family drama!), and it’s a joy to watch them fall in love with each other in spite of everything.”

Lexi, Astoria Bookshop

How to Catch a Queen

By Alyssa Cole

“In a time when Black kings and queens are a much-need balm to a seeming overflow of anti-Black sentiment, I fell in love with Shanti and Sanyu. Bogged down by tradition, ritual, and grief, Sanyu is trapped in a well of unrealistic expectations. Shanti, a queen searching for her kingdom, is the self-assured heroine we all look for and want to be. This story of their partnership turned love affair is filled with forbidden heat and flames, as well as the promise of a better tomorrow. Complex characters for complex times. I loved it.”

Keiana, East City Bookshop

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Science Fiction & Fantasy


By Natalie Zina Walschots

“This smart, funny, and thought-provoking novel follows Anna, a hench-for-hire. She has the same concerns that we all do: paying the bills, finding love, avoiding getting killed by superheroes. But when she gets caught in the crossfire during a showdown between a supervillain and a hero, she is gravely injured in both body and soul. As she recovers from her wounds, she begins to uncover the true cost of heroism, setting her on a path that will change her life, and the relationship between heroes and villains, forever. Perfect for fans of The Boys and The Incredibles, Hench manages to be delightfully original while drawing heavily on the works that inspired it.”

Emily, Inklings Bookshop

A Discovery of Witches

By Deborah Harkness

“Sexy, smart, & magical. Historic romance meets prophecy driven fantasy meets realistic scientific intrigue.”

Lafe, Oblong Books

Shuri: A Black Panther Novel #1

By Nic Stone

“Anika! Noni! Rose! Narrates! This! Audiobook! Drop everything you are doing and listen to Rose’s voice of pure gold bring so much warmth to Shuri and this story. Nic Stone writes a short but fun tale that further illuminates us on a favorite character from Black Panther, the sassy and indomitable younger sister Shuri…. This was a quick and delightful listen that is perfect for young and old Marvel fans alike.”

Kimi, Buttonwood Books and Toys

Beneath the Keep

By Erika Johansen

“Centuries after the Crossing, the Tearling has fallen far from William Tear’s dream of utopia. The gap between classes is wide and citizens at the bottom lead dark, brutal lives. A rebel uprising brings hope for change along with a prophecy about the coming of a True Queen. Readers just discovering the Tearling will be intrigued by the complex world-building. Those familiar with the original trilogy will delight in reading beloved characters’ backstories in this ambitious prequel.”

Tarah, Mitzi’s Books

Young Adult

Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything

By Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

“Sia’s mother was deported by ICE to Mexico, a country her mother was brought from as a baby. In a desperate attempt to return to her family, Sia’s mother entered the desert, but she didn’t make it out. That was three years ago.…This beautiful book blends heartbreak, imagination, and extraterrestrial life so well.”

Lafe, Oblong Books

The Awakening of Malcolm X

By Ilyasah Shabazz & Tiffany D. Jackson

“Although this was written for young readers, I found it to be an engaging and informative look at the life and incarceration that helped mold Malcolm X into the leaders that he was. The narrating was wonderfully done, and I would recommend this for readers of all ages.”

Mary, Skylark Bookshop

One of the Good Ones

By Maika Moulite & Maritza Moulite

“I am SPEECHLESS. I am still processing. But what I do know, without a doubt, is that One of the Good Ones is a must-read, a beautiful gut punch by a sister duo that is poised to take the publishing world by storm….amidst the greater discussions of dismantling the institutions that uphold respectability above all else, there is so much joy too. There is hope. There is friendship that crosses oceans (or countries as the case may be). There is a road to recovery. And that left me with the best kind of tears in my eyes.”

Britt, Second Star to the Right

Chlorine Sky

By Mahogany L. Browne

“I’m a sucker for a novel in verse! For fans of Elizabeth Acevedo and Jacqueline Woodson, Mahogany L. Browne writes the story of a teenage girl just trying to play basketball without getting too cold in her best friend’s shadow. Her words bite but her voice is delicate, letting me relish in that dichotomy of girlhood. As an audiobook, you can really hear the emotion and intention behind everything, much like spoken word poetry. Highly recommend listening to it for the relatable narrative and the finger-snapping worthy performance.”

Emily, Third Place Books


She Proclaims

By Jennifer Palmieri

She Proclaims: Our Declaration of Independence from a Man’s World by Jennifer Palmieri blew me away. Palmieri’s manifesto outlines that our society was built by and for men and that we must dismantle and rebuild a world that allows for mutual empowerment benefiting everyone. Inspiring and invigorating, Palmieri celebrates the women’s moment’s accomplishments and history through personal reflections and stories of inspirational female leaders. This is not a proclamation against men but rather a declaration of the undeniable power women have harnessed all along. This is a declaration of men and women are created equal, and therefore ‘we must proclaim our own freedom and our worth.’”

Kristen, Fables Books

Four Hundred Souls

By Ibram X. Kendi & Keisha N. Blain

“An absolutely stunning history of African America for people who do not normally read history. Compiled of short stories, essays, and poems, it is perfect for someone who is intimidated by lists of names and dates. Each individual voice stands on its own but together they truly make a ‘choir’ that flows together beautifully. This is a one-of-a-kind history that is essential reading for everyone.”

Tia, Quail Ridge Books

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Women and Other Monsters

By Jess Zimmerman

“A perfect introduction to Women’s Studies using familiar and recognized pieces of western mythology. Moyen strikes a perfect balance allowing Zimmerman’s self deprecating humor and keen critical voice to come through. If you enjoy the retelling of story or the surprise of a different perspective, you will love Women and Other Monsters.

Charity, Schuler Books

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The Queens of Animation

By Nathalia Holt

“One one hand, I absolutely adored this book. Holt did such a great job of bringing together the accounts of these wonderfully talented women and moved us through Disney history in an intriguing manner. On the other hand, my heart hurts at the terribleness of this history….It was artistically inspiring, fire-in-your-heart stoking, and makes you burn for all the wrong women have had to deal with in the art world.”

Kimi, Buttonwood Books and Toys

Biography & Memoir

Love Is an Ex-Country

By Randa Jarrar

“Randa Jarrar’s intimate memoir is nothing short of monumental. Intelligent, tender, and lacerating in equal measure, Love Is an Ex-Country takes readers on a journey across the U.S., probing what it means to live fully in a hostile environment and contemplate survival in the face of erasure. Jarrar navigates the profound with a light touch and infuses every page with humor, insight, and defiance. Above all, this is a story of being: being corporeal, being of many places and no place, and being joyful—triumphantly.”

Nika, Books Are Magic

Broken (in the best possible way)

By Jenny Lawson

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jenny Lawson is a genius. She can make me sob uncontrollably from both laughter and the heartbreakingly honest way she talks about mental illness. She takes the worst things in life and finds a way to laugh through them. Her ability to bring people together in a celebration of human awkwardness is just beautiful. This book provided much needed relief and escape from the divisiveness of the world.”

Melissa, E. Shaver, bookseller

In the Dream House

By Carmen Maria Machado

“This is a spellbinding memoir that will stand the test of time. Carmen Maria Machado has crafted a memoir that turns the form on its head, that creates a stunning, chilling and winding narrative that stays true to the nature of human beings: complex and nuanced. The LGBTQ archive of intimate-partner violence needed this and helped pave a way for others to explore the violence in their queer relationships.”

Charlie, Green Apple Books

She Come By It Natural

By Sarah Smarsh

“Remember how we used to listen to albums? You’d place the needle on the first song then listen to the record all the way through in one sitting. That’s how you’ll want to approach She Come By It Natural. Author Sarah Smarsh insightfully explores Dolly Parton’s universal popularity and cultural importance while telling an engaging story of female endurance that parallels Smarsh’s own family saga. Personal yet profound. And just like with my favorite album, I want to go back to the beginning and start this book all over again.”

Shirley, Watermark Book Company

Middle Grade & Children’s

Ophie’s Ghosts

By Justina Ireland

“YA powerhouse Justina Ireland (Dread Nation) gives voice to the voiceless dead in this middle grade novel. When a posse of white men come to set their house alight in the night, Ophie’s father tells her to take her mother and flee. The next morning brings impossible news: Ophie’s father had already been killed, and the warning came from her first ghost. When she and her mother move to Pittsburgh, theoretically more welcoming to Black people, they end up working in an old manor house full of restless dead. Can Ophie use her newfound gift to bring them justice? ”

Madeline, Powell’s Books

The Ash House

By Angharad Walker

“Gripping and mysterious story about a boy who finds himself sent off to a group home where nothing is at is seems. As strange events unfold, even stranger ones are lurking behind the corners. This is a great book for advanced middle grade readers who like to be swept up into a story, particularly a dark and sinister one, without knowing exactly what’s going on.”

Kristine, Buttonwood Books and Toys

Before the Ever After

By Jacqueline Woodson

“Jacqueline Woodson tackles the aftermath of concussions on a boy and his family. The only son of a pro-football player sees his dad change before his eyes, and must alter his own participation in the rough-housing team games he loves, in this middle-grade novel. It’s great for 9-12 year olds, full of play action and admiration, personal growth and acceptance. Perfect for active kids and a well-narrated audio book for a short road trip, too!”

Nicole, Bookworm of Edwards

Everything Comes Next

By Naomi Shihab Nye

“I have never heard such a profound take on an onion. And most of Nye’s poems in this collection are very much the same—finding beauty and meaning in the mundane. I found myself brought to tears on multiple occasions, from happiness and sadness both. Everything Comes Next is undeniably powerful in its simplicity and gentleness. Nye does not rage; she does not need to. She states her truth, asks her questions, and allows them to speak for themselves. Striking. Hopeful. Necessary. ”

Britt, Second Star to the Right

Mystery & Thriller

The Girls Are All So Nice Here

By Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

The Girls Are All So Nice Here is the first, but not the last, lie you will read when you devour this dark and disturbing novel about college girls and how they treat each other in order to be popular or important. The writing is chilling and so authentic, I felt like I was back in high school or college with a group of toxic girls who would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. The more I read, the more I wondered how Flynn could possibly come up with an ending that would be both satisfying and as deliciously evil as the rest of the book. She managed to deliver, and then some.”

Nancy, Fiction Addiction

The Windsor Knot

By SJ Bennett

“I love the idea of Queen Elizabeth sleuthing behind the scenes! As charmingly and convincingly portrayed by SJ Bennett, the Queen is an astute observer whose decades of experience serve her well in this role. When a Russian pianist is found dead at Windsor Castle, the new head of MI5 muddles the case and makes the mistake of treating the Queen like his doddering granny. It’s up to the Queen to secretly and skillfully line up the pieces of the puzzle for MI5 to solve.”

Margo, East City Bookshop

The Jigsaw Man

By Nadine Matheson

“A serial killer, Peter Oliver, is locked away for 7 gory and gruesome murders. DI Angelica Henley has been on desk duty since she was severely wounded when apprehending him. And, then body parts are found. Is it a copycat or is Oliver somehow organizing someone to continue his work? Jigsaw Man has all the properties that make for a great thriller—a twisted and sick killer or two, a dedicated group of police many with baggage they must work through, lots of twists and turns and a thrill a minute.”

Nancy, Fiction Addiction

The Sanatorium

By Sarah Pearse

“A chilling and atmospheric thriller that is just brimming with atmosphere! The Sanatorium finds a troubled detective trapped in a resort hotel that used to be a sanatorium, searching for a would be serial killer amidst a snowstorm that has cut them off from civilization. Elizabeth Knowelden gives great voice to Elin and the rest of the characters, making this a definite recommendation on audio!”

Becky, BookBar

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