November’s Bookseller-Recommended Audiobooks offers recommendations from real people: the dedicated indie booksellers working in our 1,300+ partner bookstores! Below, find the audiobooks that booksellers are loving this month!

Biography, Memoir, and Essays

The Toni Morrison Book Club

By Juda Bennett & Winnifred Brown-Glaude

Listening to this book had me feeling like I was sitting in on an intimate and powerful discussion on Toni Morrison’s works and what we can all learn from them.

Mary, bookseller at Skylark Bookshop

The Best of Me

By David Sedaris

The Best of Me is perfect for both long-time fans or those reading Sedaris for the first time and the audio read by the author means no nuance is left behind.”

Jessica, bookseller at Literally Speaking

Shit, Actually

By Lindy West

“This audiobook is read by the author and she is hilarious. Smart, funny, irreverent and feminist. I’ll take that with a bowl of popcorn.”

Rebekah Taussig, from her Author Interview



By Bryan Washington

“Reading Memorial is like sitting down with a dear friend, asking ‘What’s going on with you?’ and settling in for much-needed catch-up on life, love, heartache, and family.”

Melanie, bookseller at The Well-Read Moose

Ring Shout

By P. Djeli Clark

“Clark pulled me into the life of Maryse and her band of monster hunters and held me hostage…By the end, I was in tears. Ring Shout perfectly takes on a dark, violent history, but also an uncertain, terrifying future.”

Sophie, bookseller at Cavalier House Books

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The Midnight Bargain

By C.L. Polk

Sorcery, historical romance, feminism, female friendships, and reproductive rights—this enjoyable novel had everything I needed.

Marika, bookseller at Porter Square Books

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The Cold Millions

By Jess Walter

“The gorgeous writing, vivid setting, compelling characters, and engrossing story aren’t even the best parts of this novel. Instead, I just keep marveling at how Jess Walter takes events from history to illuminate our present while keeping them rooted in their own time.”

Ariana, bookseller at The Country Bookshop

The Once and Future Witches

By Alix E. Harrow

You will not be able to put it down, from the beautifully written introduction to the pulse-pounding ending!

Carrie, bookseller at Dog Ear Books

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Mystery and Thriller

White Ivy

By Susie Yang

“Well-written prose, excellent characters, and a surprising turn of events will keep readers hooked until the end—and it is a doozy.”

Pamela, bookseller at Excelsior Bay Books

Invisible Girl

By Lisa Jewell

“Lisa Jewell has become one of my absolute favorite thriller authors…If you haven’t read her yet, start with Invisible Girl—I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down!”

Becky, bookseller at BookBar

Moonflower Murders

By Anthony Horowitz

“Terrifically engaging, smart, and fun, this book is practically impossible to put down. Don’t miss it!”

Tova, bookseller at Brown University Bookstore


By Alexa Martin

With the stakes this high, it’s no longer just a game for the Mustang’s quarterback in this romance by the author of Blitzed.

Crazy Stupid Bromance

By Lyssa Kay Adams

A hacktivist and a cat café owner decode the friend zone in this romantic comedy from the author of Undercover Bromance.

Young Adult


By Eric Gansworth

It’s categorized as a memoir, and though it is, it’s a multi-generational memoir; the whole first section takes place long before I was born, when three of my four grandparents were shipped off to government boarding schools. Their experiences are explicitly tied to mine in this memoir.”

author Eric Gansworth

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Before the Ever After

By Jacqueline Woodson

“A stunning story of the consequences of an American obsession, beautifully read by Guy Lockard.”

Mary, bookseller at Raven Book Store

Short Fiction and Poetry

Make Me Rain

By Nikki Giovanni

“Sentimental and comforting, Make Me Rain covers a wide range of topics, from quilts and rising bread to the social change we so desperately need in our world.”

Beth, bookseller at Bookmarks

The Office of Historical Collections

By Danielle Evans

I have been holding my breath for Danielle Evans’ next book of short stories since Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, and The Office of Historical Corrections was worth the wait….I read the whole collection in two days.

Miesha, bookseller at Loganberry Books

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