Queer-Owned Bookstores to Support

This directory is regularly updated to reflect new stores. Last update: 1/14/2022

Explore these bookstores with LGBTQIA+ owners based in the US, Canada, and online! Check each listing for the store’s website, as well as how to follow them on social media.

Looking for more? You can also browse LGBTQIA+ fiction, nonfiction, and own-voices playliststake a quiz to find an LGBTQIA+ authored audiobook, and use our Bookstore Finder to locate a store near you.

Libro.fm Partner Stores

Stores listed with Libro.fm Storefronts below are Libro.fm partner stores*, meaning that when you purchase audiobooks from their Libro.fm Storefront, it directly supports their bookstore.

*Bookstores: Want to become a Libro.fm partner store? Email bookstores@libro.fm, and we’ll take care of the rest.

United States


Burdock Book Collective  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Birmingham, AL

1977 Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Montgomery, AL


Antigone Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Tucson, AZ

Libro.fm Storefront


Dog Ear Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Russellville, AR

Libro.fm Storefront


Amatoria Fine Art Books  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Sacramento, CA

Dog Eared Books  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
San Francisco, CA

Lavender Library  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Sacramento, CA

Libelula Books and Co.  Instagram logo
San Diego, CA

Libro.fm Storefront

Omnivore Books  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
San Francisco, CA

Otherwild  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Los Angeles, CA

Rakestraw Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Danville, CA

Libro.fm Storefront

Reparations Club  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Los Angeles, CA

Libro.fm Storefront

The Ripped Bodice  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Culver City, CA

Libro.fm Storefront

District of Columbia

Kramers  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Washington, DC

Libro.fm Storefront

Loyalty Bookstores  Instagram logo  Twitter logo
Washington, DC & Silver Springs, MD

Libro.fm Storefront


Spiral Circle  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Orlando, FL

Libro.fm Storefront

Tombolo Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Saint Petersburg, FL

Libro.fm Storefront


Bookish  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Atlanta, GA

Libro.fm Storefront


Kona Bay Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Kailua-Kona, HI

Libro.fm Storefront

Kona Stories Book Store  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Kailua-Kona, HI



Beausoleil Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Lafayette, LA

Libro.fm Storefront


Dreamers & Make-Believers  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Baltimore, MD

Red Emma’s  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Baltimore, MD

Libro.fm Storefront


East End Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Provincetown, MA

Libro.fm Storefront

Lucy Parsons Center  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Boston, MA

The Winthrop Book Depot & Café  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Winthrop, MA

Libro.fm Storefront

Womencrafts  Instagram logo
Provincetown, MA


Black Garnet Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo
Minneapolis, MN

Libro.fm Storefront


Books & Mortar Bookstore  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Grand Rapids, MI

Libro.fm Storefront


Violet Valley Bookstore  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Water Valley, MS


Left Bank Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
St. Louis, MO

Libro.fm Storefront

The Peace Nook  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Columbia, MO



The Writer’s Block  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Las Vegas, NV

Libro.fm Storefront

New Jersey

New York

Books of Wonder  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
New York, NY

Libro.fm Storefront

One Grand Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Narrowsburg, NY

Rust Belt Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Buffalo, NY

W.Whitman Books  Facebook logo
Middleburgh, NY

North Carolina

Rofhiwa Book Café  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Durham, NC



Broadway Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Portland, OR

Libro.fm Storefront


Big Blue Marble Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Philadelphia, PA

Libro.fm Storefront

Pocket Books Shop  Instagram logo  Twitter logo
Lancaster, PA

Libro.fm Storefront

Wooden Shoe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Philadelphia, PA

Libro.fm Storefront


Southland Books & Cafe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Maryville, TN


BookWoman  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Austin, TX

Libro.fm Storefront

Reverie Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Austin, TX

Libro.fm Storefront


Under the Umbrella  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Salt Lake City, UT


Chop Suey Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Richmond, VA


King’s Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Tacoma, WA

Libro.fm Storefront

Orca Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Olympia, WA

Libro.fm Storefront

Parable Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Tacoma, WA

Libro.fm Storefront

Village Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Bellingham, WA

Libro.fm Storefront


Bound to Happen Books  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Stevens Point, WI

Libro.fm Storefront

Kismet Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Verona, WI

Libro.fm Storefront

River Dog Book Co.  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Sullivan, WI

Libro.fm Storefront



Glad Day Bookshop  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Toronto, ON

Glass Bookshop  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Edmonton, AB

Libro.fm Storefront

Librairie Saga  Instagram logo
Montreal, QB

Old Scool General  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Toronto, ON

Spartacus Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Vancouver, BC

Western Sky Books  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Port Coquitlam, BC

Libro.fm Storefront

Yellowknife Book Cellar  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Yellowknife, NT

Libro.fm Storefront

Online + Pop-up

Bluebird Books  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Libro.fm Storefront

Book Drunk  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Nolensville, TN

Libro.fm Storefront

SLO Book Bike  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo

Stories Like Me  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Pittsburgh, PN

Libro.fm Storefront

See any queer-owned bookstores we’ve missed?
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