Live Impact of #ShopBookstoresNow

Thank you for participating in our #ShopBookstoresNow offer. Stay tuned for what’s next!

Here’s What You’ve Accomplished:


Money raised for bookstores through #ShopBookstoresNow


Bookstores benefited from #ShopBookstoresNow in the USA and Canada


Members who made the choice to #ShopBookstoresNow


One-month membership gifts given during #ShopBookstoresNow

Numbers reflect sales as of 12:00am PDT on April 1st, 2020. did not earn revenue from this offer.

9 thoughts on “Live Impact of #ShopBookstoresNow

  1. I was so thrilled to see this offer, especially as my local store had to close temporarily due to a state wide order. I just gave subscriptions to to all of the people on my research team – thank you for giving me a way to help my local bookstore, Bookends Winchester!

  2. Fantastic news! Quick question: I was thinking of giving a gift to a friend as part of this initiative, but I was wondering for how long would he have access to the audiobook? A month? Or is there no time limit as far as access? Thank you again!

  3. Hello,

    Great initiative! What about us from Europe that we like this idea? Can we help our local bookstore this way? Also, can we subscribe?


    1. Hi George! While you cannot sign up as a member, you can still buy audiobooks a la carte, or gift yourself a membership. Feel free to email us at for more info!

  4. Our Dallas bookstore is fortunate to be among the many indies to benefit from this remarkable campaign, which we have actively promoted to our customers. We are certain we’ve introduced a few “I don’t do audio” readers to the delight of the download. Big thanks to from everyone at Interabang Books!

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