How to Stop Overthinking Those Audiobook Credits and Make Listening Fun Again

When it comes to the reading life, I often find myself in a predicament familiar to dedicated readers: I have so many books I want to read…and yet I can only read one of them at a time. Of all the wonderful-looking books I’m considering, what should I read next?

Nowhere do I feel the pressure to choose my next right read more acutely than when I’m choosing my audiobooks, because I want to get the most out of my precious audiobook credits. But perhaps you’ve found, as I have, that when I put that kind of pressure on myself, it makes it impossible to decide which title to choose. 

Fear not, dear reader. If you’re stuck debating over which audiobook to read next, you’re overthinking it—and that’s keeping you from enjoying your next read. These three simple strategies can help you choose with confidence—so you can spend less time deciding what to read and more time actually reading.  

1. Go Long 

If you want to get the most listening hours out of that audiobook credit, go for a long read—one approaching twenty hours or more. When you go long, you get more listening hours out of your single credit, and you also give yourself more time to get immersed in the world of the book. 

2. Go with Your Favorite Narrator 

My favorite audiobooks are good for more than just hands-free reading. They aren’t merely a substitute for actual books; instead the best audiobooks enhance the reading experience, adding layers of enjoyment through a pitch-perfect narration. The right narrator makes a book absolutely come alive, producing an experience you wouldn’t have gotten were it just you and your novel. 

You may not (yet) be able to rattle off your favorite narrators like you can your favorite authors, but take note of who reads the books you love to listen to—because they are the ones who make the author’s words come to life. When you find a favorite narrator, you find a shortcut to a curated collection of titles you are more likely to enjoy. 

3. Go with Your Gut

Sometimes the best way to make a decision and not overthink it is to simply act fast. Don’t hesitate; just answer this question: What book are you excited to read next? Now go with your gut, and download it now.  

With audiobooks, you don’t need to leave your house, wait for delivery, or navigate a holds list. If there’s a book you’re interested in reading, and it’s available for purchase, it’s available for you to listen to, right now. 

Don’t worry about making the “most” of your credits. Don’t debate, just dive in and start listening. You get instant gratification; you’re just a minute away from your next read.

It’s a leap of faith that I’ve seen pay off for readers over and over again. And it’s a leap you can make knowing you have a safety net firmly in place: if you find that book isn’t what you wanted after all, there’s no need to second-guess that decision. will give you a refund if you make a truly tragic choice.

Don’t get stuck worrying about the best way to use your credits. Don’t overthink it: use one of these three tips to find a great read right now. And if you need a little more inspiration check out this playlist with a few of my favorite titles that are extra-long, exceptionally well-narrated, or brand new. (Or all three!) 

If you’re overthinking more than just your reading life these days (and yes, constantly clicking “refresh” on your twitter feed or favorite news site totally counts), I also included a couple of titles that I relied on while working on my new book Don’t Overthink It.

Readers, I hope these tips do good things for your reading life, and that you find a new book you can start enjoying right away.   

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  1. I just want to say I love your service. Great selections, so easy to use, and the ability to lend a book to a friend. And economical too. I only pay for what I’m reading. Right now, I’m not in the car much, so I’m actually reading the old fashioned way at home. I did buy some wireless headphones for walks. A good story takes my mind of the current crisis. Everyone, stay home and stay healthy.

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