If You Like These TV Shows, You’ll Love These Audiobooks

When we finish a TV show we love, sometimes we feel a bit bereft. I want more! We find ourselves thinking. How can I get more? The answer, as so often, is books. So whether you’re re-watching an old favorite or discovering something new, you’ll find an audiobook to pair with the TV show—listed alphabetically—below!

The Crown

If you’re fascinated by royalty, take an in-depth look at a matchmaking queen, or learn about a free-spirited princess and the woman who attended her.

Derry Girls

Whether you want to read more about the Troubles in either fiction or nonfiction, or laugh at the antics of growing up in the ’90s, we’ve got you covered.

The Good Place

Wondering what it might be like to meet people in the afterlife? Curious about what the Bible teaches about heaven? Want a novel that—just as inventively as the show—imagines what it might be like to show up there trapped with, say, a grandmother you didn’t know? Try one of these.

I May Destroy You

If you’ve watched the series, check out this memoir about surviving trauma (trigger warning: sexual assault) as well as these depictions of what it is to be a young, Black, or queer (or all three!) Brit.

Lovecraft Country

Whether you’re looking for the crossroads between speculative fiction and the Black experience, or wanting to learn more about the historical context for the show’s opening episode, check out these audiobooks.

Never Have I Ever

Ah, first love. If you, too, found yourself pausing to sigh right there, you’ll love these stories of young women navigating high school crushes, and—in one case—helping others find their soulmates.

The Office

If working from home has you all kinds of nostalgic for your office, watching this show might be a balm for the soul. So might reading these books — two of them for behind-the-scenes gossip about the TV show, and one with similar vibes poking gentle fun at the absurdity of our workplaces.

Parks and Recreation

Whether you miss the peppy idealism of Leslie Knope, the eccentric cast of characters that make up small towns, or the conniving calculations of political types, there’s something for you in the book world.

Perfect Harmony

And while we’re on the subject of small towns and choirs, here’s a novel that encompasses both, a beautiful book about a grieving man whose first love was music, and a story of a group of musicians and their relationships throughout their lives.

Schitt’s Creek

The “rich-people problems” sub-genre is a plentiful and juicy one — here are a few to get you stated, set in Singapore, the US, and the UK, respectively. 

Silicon Valley

If you enjoy reading about, thinking about, and poking not-so-gentle fun at the world of tech, there are plenty of audiobooks to get you started. Here’s a memoir and a couple of comic novels.

The West Wing

I wouldn’t be surprised if Brandy Colbert’s latest heroine is a West Wing fan. If you are, too, you might enjoy a romance novel about a hot senator, or an oral history of the Barack Obama campaign.


Listen to the sequel to Younger, which the show is based on; a rom-com whose main character works as an editorial assistant; and a novel set in the publishing industry of the 1950s. Also, check out Marriage Vacation (the book that’s a central part of the Younger plot), and look out for the future release, The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Harris—billed as Get Out meets Younger .

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

There’s so much to love about this show — and whether you’re watching mostly for the tech industry setting, Zoey’s complex relationship with her terminally ill dad, or her new-found ability to empathize with others—there’s an audiobook you’ll love.

Know another binge-worthy TV and audiobook pairing? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “If You Like These TV Shows, You’ll Love These Audiobooks

  1. Love the list!
    Some of my favorite TV/Audiobook pairings are:
    “Black Mirror” (TV) + “Machines Like Me” by Ian McEwan / “Version Control” by Dexter Palmer / “Crosstalk” by Connie Willis
    “Westworld” (TV) + / “Sea of Rust” by C. Robert Cargill / Philip K. Dick’s “Electric Dreams” / “The Tempest”
    by Shakespeare (Strange one, but here’s why…https://newrepublic.com/article/149375/puzzled-westworld-look-shakespeare )

    We’ve got a similar (shorter) list on our bookstore’s site. Our list was here…

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