Author Interview: Mallory O’Meara

From Los Angeles Times bestselling author Mallory O’Meara comes Girly Drinks, a lively and engrossing feminist history of women drinking through the ages. We spoke with author Mallory O’Meara about the inspiration for Girly Drinks, her favorite audiobooks, and more!

Girly Drinks

By Mallory O’Meara • Narrated by the author

Girly Drinks is a fun, feminist, and information account chronicling the immense impact women have had on society through making and consuming alcohol. From beer and ale, to whisky, to sake, to sorghum, this is an inclusive and culturally aware history. Full to the brim with riveting stories, you’ll savor every line. Grab a beverage and tuck in!”

Riona, Books & Books @ The Studios of Key West

Please tell us a little bit about what inspired you to write this book and how this story took shape for you.

I wrote Girly Drinks to satisfy my own curiosity. When I became a huge cocktail nerd and started reading up on the subject, I became frustrated that alcohol history books rarely mentioned women. When I realized that no one had written a comprehensive history of women making, serving and drinking alcohol, I decided I had to write it myself.

To set a good baseline, I started my research way back in pre-history and was stunned to discover how much early drinking culture was created by women. The research into women’s history and alcohol history went from there, yielding more and more excitement and incredible stories.

In two sentences or less, what’s something that might surprise listeners about your audiobook?

Listeners might be surprised by just how much of our world has been shaped by drinking culture and in turn, how much of drinking culture has been shaped by women.

Have you listened to your own audiobook?

I haven’t—I’m too nervous to listen to my own voice!

Are you an audiobook listener? What are some of your favorite audiobooks?

I’m a very enthusiastic audiobook listener. Some of my favorites are Alan Cumming’s Not My Father’s Son and anything by Samantha Irby. Right now, I’ve got Yours Cruelly, Elvira by Cassandra Peterson on my app.

Not My Father’s Son

By Alan Cumming • Narrated by the author

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

By Samantha Irby • Narrated by the author

Yours Cruelly, Elvira

By Cassandra Peterson • Narrated by the author

What have independent bookstores and/or booksellers meant to you personally and professionally?

As both an author and a reader, indie bookstores and booksellers have meant so much to me because they foster community and community spaces where reading, empathy and curiosity thrive. The world is such a tough place right now. The people who work to support authors and provide the world with entertainment, education, and connection are basically superheroes to me. Plus, being an author isn’t an easy job. I know that so many readers have found my books through recommendations and enthusiasm from booksellers. I wish I could buy them all cocktails.

Anything else to share with us?

There’s a Girly Drinks Spotify playlist on my website!

Mallory O’Meara’s favorite audiobooks:

White Magic

By Elissa Washuta • Narrated by Kyla García

Dark Archives

By Megan Rosenbloom • Narrated by Justis Bolding

The Drunken Botanist

By Amy Stewart • Narrated by Coleen Marlo

Four Lost Cities

By Annalee Newitz • Narrated by Chloe Cannon


By Emma Dabiri • Narrated by the author

Why Fish Don’t Exist

By Lulu Miller • Narrated by the author

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