’s 2022 Listening Challenge

It’s a new year, which means a new opportunity to set reading goals! In these difficult times, some are finding sanctuary in reading and audiobook-listening habits, while others are struggling to get much reading done at all. We’re here to support you on both ends of the spectrum, and anywhere in between.

These 24 challenges (that’s two per month) will help you read more, diversify your audiobook-listening, and share what you’re loving with your community—all while supporting your local, independent bookstore with!

Take the 2022 Listening Challenge, and keep us updated on how it’s going all year long!

1. Listen to a bookseller-recommended audiobook.

We’re lucky to partner with over 1,500 bookstores in the US, Canada, and online. Our partner booksellers love to share about the audiobooks they love, which means you can browse our Bookseller Picks page to get the latest and greatest book recommendations from indie booksellers!

2. Listen to a new-release audiobook in the first week of its debut.

Check out all our new releases (and filter by genre, length, and more) or browse our Hot New Releases playlist—updated weekly—to find the buzziest new audiobooks. Challenge yourself to listen to a new release the week it debuts, then find virtual bookstore events with the author to attend!

3. Listen to an audiobook by an LGBTQIA+ author.

From romance to sci-fi, memoir and more, choose an audiobook by an LGBTQIA+ author.

4. Listen to at least ten minutes of an audiobook every day for a month.

We know it can be hard to commit to long-term resolutions. Ten minutes of listening time per day—while you’re doing chores or in the car or on a walk—might be all it takes to help you finish an audiobook (or several!) in a month.

5. Listen to a new (to you!) genre.

We’ve all got our reading niches, but you might enjoy an audiobook in a genre you haven’t tried just yet.

6. Listen to an audiobook by an author with a disability.

Get new perspectives by exploring audiobooks by authors with disabilities in any genre. Take this quiz to find your next listen, curated by our friends at Women & Children First in Chicago, IL!

7. Choose an audiobook solely based on a narrator you enjoy.

Part of the joy of audiobooks is time spent listening to talented narrators. Follow your favorites across genre lines and into new territory—you might surprise yourself!

8. Explore alternatives to Amazon’s Goodreads, like The StoryGraph or Readerly

If you’re looking to divest from large corporations in 2022, consider tracking and reviewing your favorite print and audiobooks through independent platforms. Get more ideas for bookish apps here.

9. Listen to an audiobook by an Indigenous author.

Take this quiz, curated by our friends at Birchbark Books in Minneapolis, MN, to get a personalized recommendation!

10. Pre-order an anticipated audiobook.

Stay ahead of the curve and support your favorite authors by pre-ordering their audiobooks, which can help their books make the NYT Bestsellers List in the first week of release!

11. Redeem your monthly credit the same month you get it (break that hoarding habit!).

Your TBR pile may be out of control, but you can redeem your monthly credit immediately!

12. Listen to an audiobook by an AAPI author.

Not sure where to start? Take this quiz, curated by our friends at Bel Canto Books in Long Beach, CA!

13. Send an appreciative note to your favorite bookstore.

Your local booksellers work hard to support authors, books, and their communities. Drop them a note to let them know what their work means to you!

14. Try a new listening speed.

The free iOS and Android apps both allow you to set custom listening speeds that work best for your reading.

15. Listen to an audiobook by a Latinx author.

Kalima DeSuze, Owner of Cafe con Libros in Brooklyn, NY curated this quiz to help our listeners find Latinx-authored audiobooks!

16. Recommend an audiobook on social media (and tag us @librofm!).

Love an audiobook? Why not spread the word?! We love sharing listener recommendations on our social channels, so make sure to tag us so we see it.

17. Listen to an audiobook with a full cast of narrators.

Audiobooks can offer unique reading experiences—sound effects, musical interludes, etc.—and full-cast narration is one of our favorites.

18. Listen to an audiobook by an Arab author.

Explore recommendations of Arab and Arab American authors in this curated playlist.

19. Refer a friend or family member to switch to (and earn a free audiobook when they begin a membership!).

20. Listen to an audiobook published more than 5 years ago.

New releases get all the buzz, but there’s a whole world of backlist titles—from classics to those published a few years ago—that are worth your time!

21. Listen to an audiobook by a Black author.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help! Try these recommendations.

22. Listen to an audiobook narrated by the author.

It’s a special treat when authors narrate their own stories—from memoirs to fiction, humor, and more!

23. Finish an entire audiobook in one weekend (or one day!).

The same way some books are un-put-down-able, some audiobooks refuse to be paused! Try some of these short reads to finish an audiobook fast.

24. Gift an audiobook or gift membership.

You can gift audiobooks all year round to friends, family, colleagues—whomever! Gift individual audiobooks, and/or give 3, 6, or 12 audiobook credits with gift memberships.

You can even treat yourself to a gift membership whenever you want a few more audiobook credits!

Are you looking forward to the year in reading?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. With just over 8 weeks to go, I’ve done 12 of the challenges. There is still time to listen to at least 10 minutes of an audiobook every day for a month. Though I’ll have to not listen to podcasts until I’ve done my 10 minutes for the day.

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