Eve Rodsky’s 7 Favorite Audiobooks

From the New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play and “the Marie Kondo of relationships” comes Find Your Unicorn Space, an inspirational guide for setting new personal goals, rediscovering your interests, cultivating creativity, and reclaiming your Unicorn Space.

Find Your Unicorn Space
By Eve Rodsky • Narrated by the author

To celebrate the release of Find Your Unicorn Space, explore Eve Rodsky’s 7 favorite audiobooks below.

“In the midst of The Great Resignation, Minda’s warmth and clear voice gives so many women a path forward.”

“Drawn from Kamala’s trailblazing, ceiling- and norm-shattering path to the vice presidency, this is an inspiring read for everyone who aims to go beyond what society tells them is possible.”

“I often say to couples, ‘You think you’re arguing over a sponge in the sink when really, you’re arguing over 100 years of deprioritizing women’s economic security,’ and Goldin expertly makes this link while offering a new model for gender equity at work and in the home.” 

“This is a celebration of imperfection that gives women the permission to reject and break free of societal conditioning that tells us that we must be ‘perfect’ to be ‘good enough.’ Scratch that! When we choose bravery, we can fail fearlessly and succeed beyond our own expectations.”

“Riveting! A cautionary tale for future leaders when there is a lack of diversity at the top.”

“A beautiful personal narrative that takes a deep look at the parallel power and toll of caregiving in this country.” 

“I absolutely loved this book! Leamer starkly illustrates how precarious and limiting a woman’s personal power when her ‘currency’ is secured through rich men. A wake-up call for women today to secure their own economic power.”

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Author Eve Rodsky's Audiobook Picks cover
Author Eve Rodsky’s Audiobook Picks

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