Blind Date with an Audiobook

In the mood for (audiobook) love?
We’re setting you up with your next listen!

Below are 16 ~ mystery ~ audiobooks waiting for their one and only reader. Simply read the hints and click the one that sounds the most like your type, and you’ll be matched up with your next audiobook!

Nonfiction exploration of 87 emotions
Conversations with experts on love
New queer romance, bestselling author
Fantasy inspired by a Chinese legend
Love story tackling mental health and interracial romance
Queer romance by bestselling co-authors
Nonbinary romantic comedy
Speculative climate change fiction
Bachelorette memoir
Triptych novel about Black women with albinism
Deep dive into the history of the American South
Page-turner about a stolen violin
The healing power of saying no
Steamy new novella from bestselling author
Epistolary epic set during Spanish Flu era
Modern rom-com with a British Nigerian protaganist

Need to see all your options?

We get it. Browse all the eligible audiobook bachelors and bachelorettes (are we taking this too far?) here or by clicking the image below.

Blind Date

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