Quiz: Summer Listening Challenge’s Summer Listening Challenge is here, and we have the perfect quiz to help you find your next audiobook!

This quiz is a little bit different than usual: Instead of giving you a recommended audiobook at the end, we’re giving you a recommended audiobook playlist. Our audiobook playlists are curated by expert booksellers, the team, influencers, and more, and they are a great way to find audiobooks to add to your TBL list.

Have fun, and be sure to tell us what you think of your result in the comments!


Nick is the Creative Director at He has wildly varying tastes. For example, you can see him zooming around the Pacific Northwest on either his pristine Italian scooter or his classic American car. His tastes in books are just as diverse. He reads (and listens to!) everything to 1950s-era sci-fi to modern YA.

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Quiz: Summer Listening Challenge

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